Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Every opportunity

Life is messy.  And it isn't always puppies and rainbows and unicorn dust.  My kiddos will learn that soon enough, if they haven't already.

I believe in tough love.  I think there is a time and place for it.  I strive to always be honest with my kids, and not sugarcoat things, even while I work to protect their innocence.

That said....

I want to take every opportunity, now when they are 4 and in years to come when they are 44, to tell them:

I'm proud of you.

You'll figure this out.

You are stronger/smarter/steadier than you think/feel.

I support you.

I will help you figure it out.

I noticed.

I'm not judging, I'm listening.

You can do this.  You CAN.

I'm here for whatever you need.

I love you.  NO MATTER WHAT.

I NEVER want my littles to doubt how much joy I receive from being their momma.  When it's perfect.  When it's not.  And every moment in between.

If being their mother is the only job I ever have, I want to do this one thing well.  My love language is words of affirmation, and while I know that theirs may not be, I know my words will burrow deep into the fiber of their hearts.

So, I strive.  Each day.  To use my words for good. To speak love to and over them.  I want to seize every opportunity I have to let them know I believe in them, and that I'm their biggest fan.  Now.  Always.