Sunday, September 11, 2022

Can I produce?

It's been awhile.

 Is that allowed?

 A word, methinks

but probably not.

I make rules

noone else follows

so "awhile" stays

and "three words"

lives another day,

I'm slightly tipsy.

Lemonade plus bourbon

plus mean kids

being mean kids

doesn't produce much

eloquent, biting prose.

Alas, typo-ed triplets,

while cue balls

clack in protest

and middle schoolers

fight mandatory bedtime.

What a Saturday.

I cleaned, cooked.

Laundered, shopped, pruned.

Packed, washed, folded.

Paid, plated, planned.....

Momming, wifeing, womaning

at its finest.

I'd like sleep

to come end

this long day.

Before I can 

regret the email

that winged away

to Costa Rica

via mi madre

to es hombre.

Are you kdding?

I failed Spanish.

But I did

write the email

to my brother

for his birthday

just to say

happy birthday and

I hope you 

find happiness forever,

You can know

someone barely, really,

and still wish

their birth day

celebration to be

one of happiness.

Three words are

so much easier

to string together

than more than

three words together.

Funny, isn't it?

Now it's tomorrow.

I supposed that

releases me from

trying to find

a clever and

cohesive way to

wrap this us.

Good night, moon.

Good night, all.