Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Well, hello there, new friends....

 Today (Tuesday July 27), an unremarkable day in itself, is important here on this dusty, decrepit blog, because today, I had an independent piece published on a site on which I'm a contributing writer.  Under the piece is my bio, which has a link to this blog (yikes!) and anyone who stumbles over here either by intent or accident is going to be sorely disappointed in the more recent content.

I've never really explained why things went radio silent over here.  I've made excuses, and alluded to goings-on that I couldn't -- or wouldn't -- write about.

And I still can't/won't, at least not right now.  They are deeply personal, and deeply painful, and deeply private for myself and for a lot of my family.  I had tiptoed closer to the edge of being able to write about some things, with much help of my trusted and cherished therapist, and then COVID took him away from me (via early retirement, thankfully, not illness) and I've regressed, a lot, in dealing with my own response to both recent and repressed traumas..... anyways, I'm being vague and scattered, and that wasn't the point of this point.

The point was merely to say, to those who are new to The Writer Chic, that there is some REALLY good content and some writing that I'm really proud of in the archives of this blog.  It was started in 2007, so, yay me, I was on the original cutting edge of what blogging was "back in the day." My readership was most significant during the months that followed Duncan's pregnancy, birth, and death, but tapered off..... but so did my posting, there was no surprise there.  Then Instagram was born, and I turned to a microblogging of sorts over there (my profile is public, so there are more gems to be mined over there, too), and the blog stayed untouched.

I can't promise there will be new content here much. I'll share all the pieces that get published at Toledo Moms, but I'm not sure (what's new) what's gonna happen over here at this little dot com of mine.

So again, if you landed here anew, hi!  I hope something in the archives brings you a recipe or DIY hack, some inspiration or insight, or just a smile.  I'm a pretty open book (minus all the private, still-needs-talk-therapy stuff aforementioned), so... have a look around.  Also, my love language is unashamedly words of affirmation, so don't be a stranger and feel free to say hi in the comments.

I'm gonna sign off for now and go stick my toes in the sand! Yay for summer beach vacation!