Saturday, June 29, 2013

Adios, Google Reader

Okay, y’all.
I know there are a handful of you that click to the actual dot com when you want to check out what is going on over here at The Writer Chic.  (Which, yes, I know, isn’t much as of lately.  Or, at least, not that I’m telling you.)
But for those of you who have been faithful Google Reader followers, you must know that our dear Reader is going the way of the dinosaurs.
So, Feedly.  It’s what I’ve been using the past few weeks, and honestly, it’s been a pretty smooth transition.  I haven’t searched for an app yet, to be able to keep up with my blog reading on my smartphone, but I’m sure it’s out there.
I just wanted to put my two cents out there for my alternative feed reader, and to let you know that I DO plan to keep blogging, eventually, so please go ahead and add to whatever new feed system you choose to go with!
See y’all on the flip side!