Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The month in review....and finally, some more pictures

Thank you all for your patience, and for only slightly hounding me to update the blog and to post new pictures of Seth. Understandably, it's been a crazy month, with many adjustments and, well, not as much mommy-healing going on as we'd have liked. But things are starting to look up, and as I sit here, watching Jim and Seth sleep in the recliner, I can't help but be hopeful that things really will be okay, and sooner than I'd been thinking.
Before I get to the pictures...thank you all for your continued prayers and support as Jim and I have suffered through my slow, slow recovery. I had a good appointment with Dr. Gibbs yesterday. He has me on yet another antibiotic, in hopes of clearing up the mastitis and yeast infections in my breasts, and he also gave me the "permission" I needed from him to begin the process of stopping nursing. As much as I had hoped to enjoy nursing Seth, it was not meant to be. His prematurity combined with my post-delivery complications have made our "connection" nearly impossible, and Dr. Gibbs was able to put my mind at ease yesterday, telling me that at this point, it is more vital that I begin to be able to care for Seth in the way in which I want to rather than provide breast milk. So...we're weaning. And all I have to say about that is ouch.
But now, for the fun stuff. =) Watch me grow...
Week One - Dec 14-Dec 20

Week Two - Dec 21-Dec 27

Week Three - Dec 28-Jan 3

Week Four - Jan 4-Jan 10

Apparently, week 4 wasn't his most photogenic...this is the only shot we took the whole week. (I'm sure if you ventured over to Dad's MySpace, however, you'd find more shots!)

Week Five - Jan 11-Jan 17

Look who is one month old!


Sara said...

He is just getting more adorable by the week. :) I WILL get better. Talk to you soon!

Juliacooks said...

He's so cute! I like the one where he's wearing the blue onsie and is looking right at the camera. So cute. I'll be praying that you heal better. I had to feed Elijah formula. It is easier to leave him when you are ready for a DATE!!!!

Unknown said...

It gets better. I can't believe how big he is! Its starting to lose the newborn look. So Cute!!!!
Healing will get better, I know with Elijah it seems like forever. Don't worry its normal to feel that way. Thanks for the pictures. Have fun spoiling him while he is little!

Anonymous said...

It'll get better, I swear!

The weaning will be hard too, but the pain will ease as the mastitis goes away.

Seth's looking great!

nickoletta100 said...

Ahhh! What a cutie! Sorry you aren't able to continue the bfing. I hope weaning him isn't too hard. Take care and feel 100% soon!

mldsoccer3 said...

good to hear from you again! :) love the pics, seth is SUCH a cutie! they change so much so fast, but he's just adorable! i'm sorry about the b/f problems, i can't believe you ended up with mastitis and all that on top of everything, but this is you we're talking about, so i guess i can! lol i'm glad you're starting to feel better! i couldn't b/f either time too, it just wasn't working the first time, cuz tyler would just sleep the whole time, and it always hurt and he wouldn't eat much, and with caleb, i had too many health problems to take that on too, iv's everywhere, yeah, not happening. lol you have to do what's best for you. don't feel bad or guilty about it, ok? there are plenty of other ways to bond with him! ;) k, that was my novel! love ya! :)