Saturday, March 15, 2008


I need a vacation from the goings on of the last 2 weeks.

Our visit with Nonna was wonderful. She wasn't too thrilled with the multiple inches of snow (her blood has gone Florida-thin), but I think there is now a new number one man in her life...or at least a new number one "little man" as she calls Seth.

Seth has been sick. Last weekend he was just miserable, so we headed to the pediatrician on Monday. Yep; sick as can be. Ear infections and bronchitis. So he is getting his first tastes of yummy Amoxicllin (lucky guy, he gets the good pink stuff, not boring pills like us adults get) and he is doing nebulizer treatments. He is back to his normal self, personality-wise, but he is still fighting the awful cough. My poor little man. Sleep has been a rare commodity around here the last week.

Grandpa Beamer's memorial was incredible. I think the whole of Bellevue turned out for the visitation. He was such a good man...

And, just for the record (not that you all have been waiting on pins and needles), Seth is NOT being dedicated tomorrow. Things with the church scheduling have changed, big deal. It's probably better this way anyways, with his still getting back on his feet...or so to speak. Hah!

Jim and I are both facing tough weeks at work; sometimes being a grown-up is no fun. There are some other things going on in our friends' and families' lives to that have our hearts heavy. More grown-up yuckiness. Sigh.

Until next time....


Sara said...

Poor little guy! I hope he kicks it quickly. :( Good luck conquering the week!

mldsoccer3 said...

hope seth is feeling better! both my kids liked lived on nebulizers the first yr of life. esp tyler. he'll be ok though! it's hard when they're sick and are all congested though! can't wait to see dedication pics when it happens! :) he's a cutie as always! praying for you and your families!