Friday, January 16, 2009

A reflection on Friday

Outside my window...frost and some ice. It's not the blizzard our families got back home, but it's the most "winter" we've seen since we've been here. All the schools are closed today, so that means no MOPS, and I'm stuck at home. Boo.

I am thinking...about my inlaw's visit this weekend.

From the learning room...recognizing body parts. How many times in a day can I sing "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes"?

I am thankful for...nap time. It's been a rough week.

From the kitchen...homemade chicken pot pies. We'll see, it's an attempt at a new dish.

I am wearing...jeans and my favorite orange sweater.

I am reading...The Guardian by Dee Henderson.

I am hoping...that we are able to do some fun things this weekend, instead of just taking advantage of "free babysitting" to do chores and work on taxes.

I am creating...a new life here in Nashville.

I am hearing...silence. Sometimes, it's the sweetest sound of all.


Sarah said...

Did you say chicken pot pies????? Homemade chicken pot pies???? Funny about the no school--so different than the Buckeye State!
Stay warm and cozy!

Sara said...

Seriously? No school? Seriously? LOL Schools are closed up here too b/c the temps are just so dang cold! Bbbrrr! I'm still looking for that chart I was telling you about. I think it might have been on the home made babyfood website I used to use. Thinking of you! *hugs*

Stephanie said...

Dee Henderson books are great to curl up with on cold days with no where to go.

I hear you on the cold weather! I'm starting to get cabin fever with my littles as well. (We live in the N'ville area and the schools are closed AGAIN today! No spontaneous trip to McDonalds for some warmer playtime ... everyone else is going to be there today!)

Christy said...

First of all, your new look is very cute! I always notice things like that. Probably because I change mine so much:) Isn't it fun though!

I'm tellin' ya... if I lived near you, I would pick Sarah up and we would be headed to your house for dinner. YUMMY!

Stay warm! It's only -5 here:)

lalalady said...

Isn't it hilarious how schools close down here? It's the same in L'ville, it cracks me up, being a native Clevelander and all. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the IL's. And keep enjoying those naps. :)

Anonymous said...

The chicken pot pie was the best I have ever tasted. You should be proud. Sorry we didn't get to do much while we were there but it was nice seeing the three of you. See you in a couple of weeks. Your house is really coming together. Love ya.