Sunday, February 22, 2009

Painting Easter Eggs...

Oh, wait. I mean paint and Easter eggs.

Well, not really Easter eggs. Just eggs.

Oh, let me explain.

When I knew that we would be moving into a new home in Nashville, TN, I secretly began to dread the thought of painting a new home. Or, maybe not so secretly. Pretty much every one knows I abhor painting.

But I wasn't even excited about picking out paint colors, even if I could convince Jim that we should hire a professional painter.

Then, I stumbled across The Nester, and found this gem of a post. My worries were over.

We couldn't get Tobacco Road matched, but we used SW Blonde, which is pretty darn close, for the kitchen, dining, and guest rooms. We selected, at The Nester's good word, Svelte Sage for the living room. And we trusted Emily's choice of Oyster Bay, though I'll admit we went up (over?) one shade on the paint swatch, for our master bed and bath. We love all the rooms, and The Nester became a proven decorating maven in my book at that point.

So, there's her intro. I love her.

Two weeks ago, she posted news about the fabulous L. Herbert Designs that she's showcased in her beautiful home before. But not just news -- a giveaway.

And I won.

I am SO excited about this. I have a vision for them -- right above our garden tub. The big space is just dying for something this classy and fun and sophisticated.

I'm one lucky duck. Or bird, as the case may be. =)

Thank you, Nester. You rock!


Anonymous said...

I so glad you liked the prints! Congrats on winning! I really enjoyed painting the eggs and feathers and everyone else seemed to enjoy them too! I'll email you and your prints will be on the way!

Kendra said...

YAHOO!! Congrats!!!

mandie lane said...

Well, aren't you just the luckiest?!

Can't wait to see the house progress.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What?? You won!! That is awesome!
Let's go to Vegas, baby! Or maybe Tunica would be closer...