Monday, December 21, 2009

I spy with my little eye…


You guys are good!

The list indeed is a standard box of 24-count Crayola classic crayons.

And I know this was one of my most pointless posts ever.

But the other day, I was putting things away in Seth’s room, and I realized he’d dumped out an entire box of crayons.  As I put them back in the box, I stopped to take note of the colors.

I found it slightly humorous that mixed in with the all-too-common red, orange, black, and green were indigo, cerulean, dandelion, and scarlet.

And how like life is that?

You know how one of the questions on a personality evaluation test will ask you “if you were a crayon, what color would you be?”

I never know how to answer that, and I think that’s okay.  Because I don’t think it matters.  Because every day that I’m just plain old yellow, somebody else is the more flamboyant dandelion.  And when I’m scarlet, somebody else is having a plain ol’ red day.

And isn’t that what makes the world such a beautiful place?


green, blue violet, scarlet, dandelion, yellow orange, red violet,
yellow, red orange, gray, yellow green, orange, blue, blue green, violet, red, violet red, green yellow, indigo, black, white,
brown, cerulean, carnation pink, and apricot


Anybody want to guess what that list is?

I’ll update this post with the answer tomorrow.

C’mon, humor me with your guesses, and be as specific as possible!


Anonymous said...

A brand new box of crayons???

Aunt Cathi said...

its candy,well I think its candy. it looks like what i make at christmas only mine is mostlt cinni. and spearment oh yes and anis, Merry Christmas

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Ummmm... It looks like the reflection of a flash in your water. Or something. I don't know!!

Unknown said...

I know :)! I will wait until tomorrow though :)!!!!

Sara said...

the colors in Joseph's coat that the song writers forgot to mention.


Mom said...

you are trying to decide on a color for the bedroom.

Katt said...

ya know it sorta reminds me of ribbon taffy,you know the one at christmas that is like sugar and water, flavoring and coloring

Holly said...

colors of paint?

Mrs. Frogster said...

hmm - melting crayons to make new swirly ones?

ashley frey said...

The colors in the baby girl-to-be's bedding....

Aunt Cathi said...

stupid me it said list no picture, got me good guess i better read closer

Sara said...

I *heart* pointless posts. LOL I always say "Copper" on those things b/c it was my absolute FAVORITE when I was a little girl. Every drawing I ever did had at least one streak of copper in it...usually right next to silver...and violet. LOL Sounds kinda like my paintint style, too!