Monday, October 29, 2012

BLTN: Tennessee getaway, Instagram style

Jim and I were able to get away for an anniversary getaway a few weeks ago, and it was WONDERFUL.  I will have a handful more pictures to share (from the regular camera), but wanted to get some Insta-proof up in the meantime!

It was our briefest visit ever,  but it was so wonderful to have lunch with Tiffany, and to catch up, and to get on her case about a half-dozen things like the surrogate parent-siblings that we are. ;)


Friday morning, after a yummy breakfast at Panera (if you haven’t had their breakfast panini, you totally should try it!), we headed east from Nashville towards Knoxville.  It was a dreary day, but traffic was light, and it was just a nice drive through the mountains.


One of the best moments of the trip was arriving at our time share and discovering a bouquet of birthday balloons in the dining area.  (There were more balloons and roses for our anniversary in the bedroom.)  I was just so impressed with the activities staff, and it just set the tone for the weekend.


Saturday, we took a guided ATV ride to some ridge of some mountain range….forgive me for not remembering the details.  They were jarred right out of my brain with the bone-rattling ride.  But the view from the top was worth it – both of the scenery and the happy smile on Jim’s face.  I don’t feel the need to ever do that again, but I’m SO glad I did it this one time, with, and for him.


After our ride, we were famished, and though we’d planned to visit our favorite local pizza place, we came across the Mellow Mushroom sooner, so we just stopped there.  The pizza (a version of BBQ chicken meets Hawaiian meets buffalo chicken) was stellar, and the service (waiter who just “assumed” we would give our check check for his tip) was subpar, but it was YUMMY!


We were EXHAUSTED Saturday after our ride and then a couple hours of shopping at the outlets, so we crashed when we returned to our townhouse.  Like, showered and then fell asleep on the bed in a towel version of “crashed.”  Which translated to not getting ready and heading into town for dinner until 8 PM.  Which, and I know this will sound silly, made me feel like a real grown up – getting to put on clothes that didn’t have to be nursing mom-friendly, and eating dinner after 9:30.  It was a wonderful pick me up for me, to be able to take my time to pretty up for Jim and wear grown up clothes.


This was the view from our balcony:  perfect and private and oh, so pretty.


My Arby’s cup on the way home summed up how I felt about the trip, but also how excited I was to be seeing my littles after 6 days.


And then there was James…..who smiled when he first laid eyes on me, but then acted like a stereotypical cat (you know, who gets left alone for a few days and then hisses at his owner when she returns, and pees on everything?) for the next few days.  He cried and screamed and fought me, and didn’t want to nurse, and was generally not my happy baby.  Which I guess I deserve for leaving him for so long.  But then he got over it, and I’m once again his favorite person.  Yea!


And that is the abbreviated version. =)  There is more – the trip down, the Steelers/Titans game with some of our besties, dinner with some former business associates of Jim’s….but we’ll get to that eventually.

Have you ever been to Gatlinburg?  Do you have any traditions or must-see/eat places to visit?  How do you feel about Dolly Parton?

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Denise said...

looks like you had a great time!

so glad for you.

eating dinner after 9:30 is such a treat for parents of littles.

i recall one time when michael and i had a weekend get-away we went out at 10:00 and ordered onion rings and fries and milk shakes, and we weren't hungry, but we were rebelling against the ordinary. it was fun.... and i felt sick later, but whatever.