Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Since I talked about a Christmas tradition yesterday, I thought it only fitting that I address an Easter tradition today.

The kids get exposed to enough commercialized Easter Bunny rigamarole at school, etc., so we don't really play that up at home.  The Easter Bunny doesn't come to visit, or leave baskets, or eggs.  I mean, we DO a hunt for candy-filled eggs, but we don't tell the kiddos that the Easter Bunny left them.  (Granted, we don't tell them that WE hide them, either, so I'm not sure where they think the eggs come from....but I digress.)

Easter Eve, March 2013

We decided to just put out the eggs in our yard Saturday night when Jim's parents and my dad were over for dinner, and it worked out better that way anyways, because the weather wasn't too promising on Sunday.

Erin just got new Crocs; they are still a little big.  Which posed a problem as I considered how the egg-finding might not end up too balanced -- if she were tripping her way through the yard.  So, at the last minute, before we let the kiddos out of the house, I explained that Seth was only to put blue and orange eggs in his bucket; Erin was only to pick up pink and green.  All yellow and purple eggs were for James (ie, Daddy, lol), and were to be left in the grass.

And it worked BRILLIANTLY!

If Erin would come across a Seth-egg, she'd yell excitedly for him; and visa versa!  And then, when their buckets were full to overflowing, they went back around the house, and Seth picked up the yellow eggs and Erin retrieved the purple.  Seriously, this is how we are hunting eggs from here on out!  EQUALITY FOR ALL! lol


I have more pictures of the actual hunting, but.....I've been nursing a migraine all day, and the effort of editing and posting any more pictures than the one gratuitous clip (that I can't even take credit for -- Tiff took it!) that I pulled off of Facebook seems a little daunting.  So.  Simple cuteness will have to suffice for now!

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