Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 minute challenge, 7.20.13

It's nothing you haven't heard before.

"The poor blog."  "So busy."  "So many things to say."  "Will do better."  Blah, blah, BLAH.

Life is what it is right now, and that, on any given day, is any number of varying things.

So, today.  It's a quiet Saturday afternoon where the littles are napping and the big is with Gramp-e and I'm going to set a 10 minute timer on my phone to just dump whatever comes to mind in this space....


James is still only 16 pounds, give or take an ounce or two depending on the day and the amount of poop he offloads.  We are scheduled to see a nutritionist and a new pediatric GI on Thursday.  Here is hoping that we get some answers.

Erin sprained her ankle last night.  It isn't bad, but it is interesting to see her process this new kind of pain.  You can tell she doesn't quite understand why it still hurts even a day after the injury.  Makes me realize the resilience of kids, in general, when they get a bump, bruise, cut, or scrape.  It's a little Neosporin, a character Band-Aid, and a kiss from mommy, and all is well.  Most of the time.

I found Seth chewing on one of my sandals yesterday.  Seriously.  The kid left teeth marks on the right sole.  Weirdo.  I hope he gets over that culinary delight before school starts.

School.  Starts.  In, like, 5 weeks.  It's nuts.  Me, a mom to a kindergartener.  Not feeling too emotional one way or the other about that.  Yet.  Ask me again in a couple more weeks.

Houses.  Lake houses, to be exact.  We have spent time at three different ones already this summer, and it's safe to say our "appetite" is whetted.  Something new, perhaps, to add to the bucket/wish list.

Speaking of houses.  Tennessee 116 is no more.  We officially closed on the sale of our Nashville home last Friday.  It was an emotional trip, to say the least.  But, on the flip side, Jim and I were able to get away for a quick one-on-one trip, and it was great.

I'm done nursing, which means my allergy-induced dietary restrictions are lifted, which means I've overindulged in all the yumminess I've missed since January, which means I have about 7 pounds to lose, like, yesterday.

Tiffany and I are getting away for a girls weekend in September and I CAN NOT WAIT.  I'm not sure what aspect of the trip I'm most excited about, but I also have to say, just having it to look forward to is so great.  It is true what they say about anticipation; it's almost as good (of not sometimes better) than the actual happening.

Two minutes to go....

I made a plum tart for a ladies potluck a couple weeks ago, and, if I do say so myself, if was a hit.  I'll have to try to share the recipe with you guys.  It really was SO simple, but, man, it had some serious wow factor.

There is more.  There is always more.  But the timer is beeping and the big little is stirring, so.... PUBLISH.

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