Friday, October 4, 2013

InstaFriday 10.4.13

Guess who scored his first goal of the soccer season?!  This little dude!  And I had to pay up; I'd bribed him with $5 for scoring.  There may or may not have been some parents on the opposing team that I wanted to impress.  But that is another post for another day.

Guess who woke up a whole year older on Monday?  This girl!  My Instagram caption read "Good morning, 33.  Be good, please.  But even if not....thank you, God, for more days to enjoy and celebrate the amazing gifts you've given me."  Would it be weird if I print out this picture and keep it handy and visible to remind me on the hard days of the prayer of that birthday morning?  I really want to mean it...

Guess who got to hang with Auntie KK and the pup-pups for a whole day while Mommy and Daddy ran grown-up errands?  That little piece of adorableness.  I just love everything about this picture....that Blue is kissing him.  That their hair is the same color.  That now I know Karen didn't even set up the pack-n-play for naptime.  They just snuggled the afternoon away.

Guess who got to stay up past her bedtime to have dinner, ice cream, and some leotard shopping with her two favorite girls?  Tiffany!  And she found a sweet pink, sparkly leotard, too. ;)  Just kidding.  It's the other blonde beauty.  I pray that we are both loving and leading her as best as possible.

Guess who still has two separate bouquets of birthday blooms brightening her kitchen and bedroom?  I love fresh flowers, especially fall ones.  That said, I think I've decided I'm not going to put mums on the front porch this year.  That's a first for me....we shall see if I change my mind on impulse.

Speaking of my front porch....I'm still "feathering."  (Not that you'd know that it's "still," since I haven't blogged any pictures of the decor I've put out thus far.  But I digress.)  I bought corn stalks for the first time, and I'm loving them.  Loving them enough that I'm gonna get a couple more. Yeehaw!

And that's my week, y'all.  Or at least the week that actually made it to my Instagram account. ;)  I'm linking up with Jeanette at life.rearranged.  Won't you join us?

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Emily said...

Happy (super belated) birthday! That's a great picture of you!