Sunday, August 26, 2007

Finally, a bump

So many of our loved ones are so far away that they will not see me much (if at all) during this pregnancy, so this is just to let them all see that I am indeed starting to look pregnant. Jim took these pictures at 22w. It's only our second "belly picture." (The other one was taken at 15w, and isn't all that impressive.) More to come as I grow!

By the way, I'm open to suggestions from other moms; I've decided to grow my hair back out, (1) for a change of pace, and (2) because I have the idea that it'll be easier once the baby comes, to be able to pull it back (not to mention that when my hair is longer, it actually looks not-half-bad fresh out of bed, whereas a shorter cut almost always needs at least some effort to look presentable). My last cut was late May, and it's taking forever!! Anyone think keeping it short is a better idea?


Karen At Home Blog said...

Hello! I am not a mom, however, I had short hair once and I totally agree with you on having to fix it all the time. I thought having short hair would have been easy, but I missed the days of just pulling it back into a clip or a ponytail. When I am lucky enough to become a mom, I am going to keep mine long. With a ponytail, at least it will be in the back of your head and not easy for the baby to grab, right? :) Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Monica

I've had long hair & short hair as a mom. My recommendation to you is this: grow it out until the summer...then decide if you want to keep it long or not. It may be nice to just be able to pull it back & out of your face, but in the same breath, Sprout will think that he can swing from it. There are advantages & disadvantages to both. You'll know what's right for you when the time comes, but for now I would say to continue to grow it out while you're popping the prenatals! :) LOVE the pic! Cute!

Anonymous said...

Do whatever you makes you feel your best, if the kid wants to pull your hair they'll find a way to do it regardless of your hairs length. (Seriously, I had my hair pulled back and DD pulled a whole section out).

Anonymous said...

You know what I'm gonna say, so I'll just involve the reader by letting YOU say it.

And so glad to see you pregnant, btw--you look great! (And you know I think some people don't!) :)
"Let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."