Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sprout's Shower: Part I

Mostly to change the "mood" on the blog, I want to post something happy.

Sprout was wonderfully showered on Saturday with gifts of love, both practical and personal. I plan to write up a full report soon (I'm so, so tired), but for all of you who weren't able to celebrate with us, here's an "encapsulating" picture of the festivities. The gift I'm opening in this picture is one of my favorites (am I allowed to admit that?). It's my Pottery Barn Kids stroller blanket from my great aunts Nellie and Joanne (my late grandmother's sisters-in-law). You can also see another of my favorite gifts under the table -- also a PBK special -- my diaper caddy, from my great aunt Bert (same grandma's other sis-in-law). How very special that they were there in spirit, as they have a special place in my heart since my Ducky's death. Thank you, all three of you! XOXOXO
And, although this one is a little blurry, you can kind of get a better idea of about how big Sprout is getting in my tummy. ;) I didn't realize it at the time, but I've since been informed that my belly button was indeed popping through the fabric of my shirt.....I guess this is normal in this stage of pregnancy. Like the turkey thermometer, does this mean I'm "done"? =)
Again, I will post more details about the shower, and my thoughts on my wonderful day, later this week. For now, I'm off to bed to read (we'll see if I even get through a chapter!). Sleep will be welcome tonight....although Sprout seems to have liked the corn dogs I had for dinner, and is wide awake! He has some of my night owl genes in him after all!


nickoletta100 said...

Glad you had a great shower!!! LOL at the turkey comment, haha!

Anonymous said...

aunt Cathi here keeping track of all. looks like good time was had and sprout did pretty good . just letting you know keeping tabs on you and jim (and of course sprout