Thursday, February 7, 2008

Only a few days left of maternity leave... =(

Ah, change.

It's unavoidable, right? On one hand I'm ready to return to work on Monday. On the other hand....well, therein lie all the emotions most working moms feel, I'm sure.

I spent a few hours yesterday with the ladies who are going to be taking care of Seth. I am so confident that he will receive (almost) as much love and TLC from Sara and Jessi as he would from me; they are both expecting this summer, so are in the "baby zone" and just smitten with Seth. So, no worries about dropping him off with them on Monday. Worry has never really been the issue, though. It's more just a feeling of "what will I be missing?" or "Seth isn't going to forget about me, is he?".

Ugh. I guess time will tell, how all the varying factors are going to work together -- scheduling, sleeping, readjusting to corporate life....Jim and I have tackled every challenge that's been thrown at us thus far; I've no doubt we'll get this figured out, too. I just need to get over the "hurling toward the edge of a canyon" feeling I'm dealing with...
In other news, this ridiculous weather we've been having interrupted the plans we'd made for Nana K to come visit. =( Her flight was supposed to land in 15 minutes....and instead, she's in Florida, Seth is in his cradle, and here I sit, typing to you guys, and feeling disappointed. Sniffle, sniffle. I know all things happen for a reason, but I'm really, really bummed. And I know my disappointment probably pales in comparison to hers...So, for you, Mom, here are some semi-recent pictures of Seth:


nickoletta100 said...

Great pics!!! Sorry your mom is delayed :(

I hope Monday goes well and that you get really busy so the day flies by!

mldsoccer3 said...

aww, he's such a cutie! keep up the pics, they change so much so fast! :) i'm sorry about going back to work. tyler is in school all day, and caleb is 3, and i just started working like 2 nights a wk and i feel guilty! lol course i'm in school some in the mornings, and then i study, so i'm home with caleb still, but i'm busy and not really WITH him, ya know? a lot of people do it though, hang in there! i'm just saying, it doesn't matter the age, you'll always probably feel guilty, but know that he WILL be ok, and does sound like he's in good hands! hope nana gets to see him sooooooon!!! wish i were there to see him in person! how are you feeling otherwise, healed up ok now?

Sara said...

Know that I'm thinking about you tomorrow. The first week is the toughest but it will get better, I promise. :) Love the pics, btw!

Anonymous said...

Really exciting to see how well Seth is doing. I enjoy seeing the pictures of him. I know the ladies will take really good care of our precious little bundle.
I am doing well. Joyce and Paul are taking good care of me. I am enjoying my time with Joyce. Will be going home soon.
Love, Grammie Alice