Monday, October 4, 2010

What fall break has taught me so far

Around these parts, schools are letting out for fall break.

It is creeping up on noon, and it hasn’t broken 60 degrees yet today.  I’ve finally had to break down and turn on the furnace, since Erin’s feet weren’t staying warm, no matter my efforts.

I enjoyed a toasty bagel and a strong cup of coffee with a splash of amaretto creamer this morning, and thought to myself, I’m going to color my hair.

I had a box of at-home color – a nice, no-bells-or-whistles shade of darker brown (Clairol #30, for anyone wondering) just to cover up the remnants of my summer highlights.

So, with Erin snoozing, and Seth enthralled (again) with Up, I set to do my ‘do.

And here is the lesson I’ve learned.

No matter how safe the color, no matter how perfect your technique, no matter how carefully you follow the application directions, IF your timing were to get “off” (say, due to a horrendous diaper malfunction) and you were unable to wash out your color at the recommended 25-minute mark, THEN you just might end up with color a little darker than planned.


It’s not bad.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a botched job.  But, whoa.  It is for sure brown. DARK brown.  Like everybody-is-going-to-think-I-hit-30-last-week-and-went-off-to-the-dark-side brown.

But the important thing is that Erin’s diaper got changed before the poop went up her sleeves (which, by the way, happened Saturday.  That was fun.).

So, happy baby = happy momma.

Even if I am a little fearful Jim is going to come home and call me Elvira. ;)


Kelly said...

Ahem. Photo please.
I'm sure you're still gorgeous!

gottaluvboyz said...

I am sure you look great! However, photos are needed. Please.

Sara said...

I've been threatening Doug with the "I'm going to go as dark brown as I can before it ends up being black" speech for a couple weeks now. You beat me to it. ;) I haven't done any color to my hair since I got it all chopped spring 2009 so I'm itching for a change. Can't wait to see it! Way to catch that nasty diaper, mama!

phasejumper said...

Oh no! I'm sure you look as classy and put together as always.

Kendra said...

We need a photo.

Amy said...

We want to "SEE"! I'm sure it's beautiful!

Denise said...

"giddy up, a ooom poppa, ooom poppa mow mow.. my hearts on fire for elvira."

the last time i colored my hair with a box, june 25th 2006, was a DISASTER! it cost me so much $ to undo my disaster that i vowed never to return to clairol.

the good thing (in most cases) with boxed color is it fades pretty quickly. do you know what will help it fade the most (more than washing it 1000 times, or using comet, peanut butter, or something else... told you i destroyed my hair), baby shampoo! seriously baby shampoo strips hair of color. so if it is just a bit too dark for you try that, and then enjoy!