Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yea, spring!

We spent the day enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sun,
flying to the moon on a great adventure,

yea spring 046

while baby sisters (aka co-pilots) watched nearby.

yea spring 033

We chased a basketball through a field…

yea spring 036

…until it disappeared over a cliff and down into the river.

   yea spring 037

We dined on the finest meal ever offered to a princess and a space cowboy….

yea spring 034

(Sara, is that outfit not the cutest thing?  $2 at Kohl’s!
I totally meant for her to wear it for Tabitha one day while we were home.
There is even a little embroidered curly-q tail on the butt of the pants!)

And marveled at the wonder that is a boy and his shadow.
(Or, at least I marveled.  The boy was too busy adventuring.)

yea spring 039

I’m so happy that my living room is now flooded with the light that spills in from the open front door.

I’m so happy that we can now get out of the house (whose walls were growing closer each day) to play at the park and meet up with friends at the greenway and hit golf balls in the front yard.

I’m so happy that spring comes, always.  No matter how long and hard the winter months…spring always comes.

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