Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life with a man-child

oh visit ice storm 005

This ol’ bog, she done suffer a bit this month, no?

Life, as usual, trumped blogging, and I know, for the majority of you out there reading this, that needs no further explanation.

After a wonderful spring break, we returned home to structure, schedules, and another valiant attempt to master the porcelain throne (and/or the padded plastic training seat on said throne), and that has taken up pretty much all my efforts and brain power.

I am happy to report, however, that it has been very much worth the sacrifice of brain cells, because I think (please, Jesus, please) that we are on a roll this time.  We are averaging about one accident a day, and while we have yet to reach the point where he knows when he needs to go, he is longer fighting me when I take him to the bathroom, and we are using underwear 95%  of the time (which, duh, is a HUGE yipee!  We are headed to Costco this weekend, and it’s gonna feel really good to NOT pick up size 4 diapers!).

Anyway, in other news not pertaining to our “ass-dents” due to “driving the speedboat too fast so I forgots to pee, Mom,” Seth is morphing into this whole new person that I’m getting to know.  Hand in hand with some aggressive tendencies I’d rather he get out of his system is a new demonstration of independence that makes me want to pull out Softie and rock him to bed at night.

He has taken to lying on his bed to either read, play with his cars, or do puzzles.

And while I realize that in and of itself that is hardly a big deal…..

It’s just that that is SO a me thing.  I can’t even begin to tally the number of hours I spent in my room, on my bed, just doing my own thing….and I now see it in Seth.  And that is turning him into a kid.

I don’t have kids.  I have babies.  Children, even.  But I do NOT have a kid (says the mommy in denial).

:::le sigh:::

It’s all good; I’m really okay with these new stages Seth is steamrolling through.  It’s just….it’s just so fast.  Wasn’t he just this little guy:

easter basket boy


Mom said...

You are doing a great job with your BABIES. They do grow up way to fast, so enjoy every minute of everyday with them. If you want to rock them to sleep, do it. Just let both of them know they are loved the same. I love both of my GRAND BABIES. Good job on the potty tranning. He will get it one of these days.

VK said...

Goes by way too quickly, doesn't it? I can't believe Tessa is going to be 3 in a few weeks!

As for the potty training, I think they should have professionals for that. ;) It was a source of frustration for us too, but one day it just seemed to click for her. Hope Seth gets there soon!

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