Monday, January 7, 2013

Off and running…

2013 has kind of been a bully so far.  I hope she straightens up.

We ushered in the new year with vomit.  Lots and lots and lots of vomit.  From every member of my sweet little family (except me, thank you, Jesus).  I have become a master carpet cleaner this week.  That is not a title I ever aspired to, by the way.

Amid the puking episodes, we have also been dealing with some issues with our littlest guy.  A week or so ago, I noticed that he had a cyst-like boil thing-y pop up out of nowhere.  It seemed to be causing him some discomfort, so back to the ped we went.  Long story short, the doctor was concerned, so they did a biopsy (on what was determined to be a perianal fissure), and we started daily visits to monitor what they thought was going to turn out to be MRSA.  In ended up not being MRSA, just another strange infection, but they also gave us some concerning news about what may have caused the fissure in the first place….  And let me tell you, you do not want to be talking to a pediatrician about Crohn’s disease when it is your baby who is the subject.  But…. we will deal with things as it unfolds and just take it a step at a time.

blue eyes favorite pjs 

What else?  Erin’s T&A recovery continues to move forward.  We are also working diligently with potty training, and she has recently moved up into the next toddler level class at her preschool.

erin winter 2012 

Seth is Seth.  Perfection personified one minute, and a holy terror the next.  Most days right now, I miss my sweet 4-year-old; this dramatic, often belligerent handful that has shown up in his stead is like a little foreigner under my roof.  But, I’m sure it’s just a phase, and we are doing our best to meet his individual needs and to love him through these rough days.  Also, an unexpected text from our friend and neighbor Melissa just last night brought me up short: kindergarten registration is in 3 weeks.  Eek.  I mean, school is on my radar and all, but man, there is something about registration that just makes it SO MUCH MORE REAL.

seth preschool christmas program

I’m…eh.  I’m okay.  I got SO spoiled with having Jim home for 11 days, and I miss him.  The main tree is down in the great room, making the house feel even more empty.  I have 100 things bouncing around in my head – recipes, projects, blog posts, chores – and I’m feeling more and more that there just isn’t enough of me to go around.

I know so many people use the turning of the calendar year to mark a fresh start and all that…and I normally do the same.  But I just feel behind the curve this year.  I’m not yet to the “fresh” part; I’m still in the “letdown” phase of January.

So, I hope you’ll stick around til I get my groove back.  I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the first of many of my Tuesday night writing getaways.  We will see….

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Mrs. Frogster said...

well I am certainly sticking around. :)
You have had quite the start to your year. I will be praying for your sweet baby and of course for his momma!
happy new year for whenever it starts for you...