Saturday, September 17, 2016


Can I admit something?

I wasn't even sure I'd be able to publish this post, because I wasn't sure I remembered my account login information! There was a tiny part of me that hoped I'd forgotten it, so that I could have a continued excuse as to why this piece of my lifeblood has fallen silent.

But.  Alas.  Same ol' user name.  Same ol' password.  And we are back in business.

We're going to skip the newsworthy and profound and eloquent today, as we ease back in, and I am shamelessly going to steal the idea of Stephanie Nielson merely sharing her weekend plans.

The weather is dictating a forced hibernation day, so here is what is on my docket for Saturday:

  • breakfast as a family -- toaster strudel and cocoa pebbles
  • gearing Erin up for a soccer game -- even though we know she'll get to the field and they will cancel on account of rain
  • laundry -- but the relaxed kind, with fabric softener, not the "quick wash" loads that come from needing soccer socks and jersey tops in 27 minutes
  • hosting a surprise 40th birthday dinner tonight -- steak and potatoes and a requested ice cream cake
  • burning a new candle -- Cider Lane, to be exact
  • praying over the Beth Moore Living Proof Live event going on in Chicago.... something that has become near and dear super fast (more on that to come!)
  • organizing my earring holder
  • sketching out a floor plan for our basement remodel-- dare I say the finishing work may begin sooner than later?!

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