Friday, August 29, 2008

Nutter Center Happenings

Okay, so not technically the Nutter Center. More like Lebanon-is-kind-of-a-suburb-of Dayton-which-is-home-to-the-Nutter-Center happenings. But here is the post y'all (read: JP) have been waiting for since we went to Jerry and Nikki's 3 weeks ago.
Oh, and just for posterity sake, the reason for the far-reaching title is so that I can document that on this day, from the Nutter Center, Republican presidential nominee John McCain appointed a woman to the ticket as his Veep candidate. So, yeah. History in the making.
But so was this:

We don't exactly pack light anymore.

Let's go, let's go, let's GO, Mom!

Sheesh...Uncle Jerry wears me out!

Seriously. I'm exhausted.

Despite this look on my face, he makes really good pancakes.


And he has really cool toys!

I wonder if we have these at home?

After church Sunday:
So, Jackson, how do you think the preseason is going?

What is that you say? The Steelers are inferior!?

Ha ha ha ha!!!! We'll see about that come October!

And at long last, much too soon....

What do you mean "It's time to go home?" We just got here!

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amy (metz) walker said...

Cute pics of the kids! And it's so weird that you mentioned the Nutter best friend's husband is the strength coach at Wright State and has an office in there!