Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to the dog days....

As we head into the tail end (ha, ha) of the "dog days" of summer, when the heat and humidity gets to be borderline unbearable, and the air becomes almost unbreathable, I just need to be thankful that I'm not still surviving August in Pensacola -- where not only are the heat, humidity, and barometric pressure off the charts, but you deal with hurricane season, too.

Oh, wait…..

I just looked up some info to support my "logic," and instead of getting the reaffirmation I was looking for, I see that the average August temps for Pensacola are 82 (air) and 84 (water -- the warmest the Gulf is all year).

I changed my mind. I want to go back to Florida! (The weather is better, and their Sonic is already up and running!)

Happy August, y'all!


abbywoz said...

I want to be on that beach!

HennHouse said...

Found you through Stacy's blog. I love Handles ice cream, too!! My favorite is Blueberry Cobbler.