Sunday, May 15, 2011

Etymology 101

Be good.”

“Be sweet.”

Be quiet.”

Be patient.”

Be gentle.”

Be still.”

Seth hears a lot of “be” commands throughout the day.  So it shouldn’t surprise me that on occasion, he’d try to dole one out to his parents, too.

We were in Target this weekend, killing some time while waiting for tires to be put on the Mustang, and Jim was teasing Seth in the toy section.  You could sense that Seth was getting frustrated with his father, and all of a sudden he looks at Jim, scrunches up his face, and says:

Daddy, you are not bein’ HAVE!!!” (say “have” like “cave” and it’ll make more sense.)

As in, Jim wasn’t “behaving.”

I laughed so hard!  It was just a sweet moment when right before my eyes, he grew up a little bit more in demonstrating his grasp of language and application.  Sweet boy……


Tiffany said...

Now that is awesome! So adorable... Love him (:

Kendra said...