Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Lovenox journey embarks


This morning, I had my first ob consult appointment with Dr. Morgan's office, with Dr. Blake's nurse, Amy, and I loved her.  She wasn't phased by the 5 gallon bag of used needles that I brought in for (long overdue) disposal.  She wasn't phased by my chart that is easily 4 inches thick.  She wasn't phased when I told her I wanted an ultrasound, and that I wanted it today.  She made it happen.

1 flu shot, 3 prescriptions, and 8 vials of drawn blood later, I was in a darkened exam room saying hello to my tiniest child-to-be...a beautiful little bean of an embryo, with a teeny heart beating away at 144 beats a minute, measuring right where (s)he should be.

I have the reassurance I needed to enjoy my getaway to LA this weekend.  I also have a new ziplock bag ready to be filled with used Lovenox syringes.

You're worth it, little one.  You are worth each and every of the 235 shots I will do between now and your birthday.

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