Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coming up...

My poor neglected blog!  Only 6 posts for September?  So pitiful.  I have high expectations to do better this month.  Our calendar is full of fun adventures and visits with dear friends, and I don't want to miss recording a single moment.

I plan to go back and finish documenting our family vacation; I'll be sure to link a current post to the back-dated ones as I finish them. (I did it!  It didn't get published until after Thanksgiving, but here it is!)

In the meantime, I thought I'd let y'all know what we've been up to, and what's coming up in October.

We spent a whirlwind weekend in mid-September traveling to see our family in Ohio, primarily to celebrate the marriage of my cousin Ashley.  It was a beautiful day, made only more beautiful by the fact that we were able to see SO many members of our family (including our favorite Floridians, Nonna and Papa).

The following weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Cincinnati, without my little ones!  Each March, Jim and three of his best friends from Ohio, gather in the Cinci area for a guys weekend, and each year, us wives say, "we need to have a weekend of our own."  Well, we finally got to a point where no one was hugely pregnant or nursing, so the four girls got a hotel room near the outlets and the West Chester IKEA, and we ate out and shopped to our hearts content.  It was a WONDERFUL getaway, and I know now that we've had a taste of it, we'll be doing it more often.  (Most likely, not annually like the guys, but at least more than once every six years!)

This weekend, I spent Saturday strolling through Franklin, TN, with Tiffany.  Neither of us made any major scores in the antique department, but we had a great lunch at Merridee's (not to mention that we shared a table with Darryl Waltrip!) and enjoyed spending a gorgeous fall day together.

Jim took Seth to his first Nashville Predator's game, and that was a huge success.  I'm not sure which sport Seth is showing more promise for/interest in: golf or hockey.  Right now, it's pretty close.

In a few days, we will spend fall break with family and friends in Ohio, and then in Gatlinburg, celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary, and just a few days after that, I'll be jetting off to LA for a quick 48 hours to film a parenting documentary series.  (How cool is that!?)

The following weekend is a LONG overdue football-and-chili family "playdate" with Sarah and her clan, and then comes Halloween, and October is GONE!

See why I don't want to miss even a moment?

I can't promise that the posts will be well-written or my most entertaining prose, but I can promise some pictures of my adorable kids, and maybe a recipe or two, and just the general ramblings I know you all have come to love (and miss, when I only blog 6 times a month!)

I hope you are all enjoying this most-welcome fall season as much as I am already!

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