Thursday, May 9, 2013

My parallel life is in Durango, CO

So, y'all.


I've talked about, praised, and linked to her before.  Because she is all sorts of funny and honest and awesome and there are few women more special to me on this across-the-miles-together mommy journey I'm on than she.

She wrote something today, and it is pretty close to verbatim to what I could write about Seth.  I alluded to it yesterday (with the whole "why I want to look him in a tower" reference).

So....since I'm out of original material today, getting all cake-frosted and having giant punch balloons pop in my face and all, I'm just sending you over to her.

Read. Appreciate.  Pray for her.  (And me.  And every other pre-school momma you know with a firstborn son who, OMG, is a hot mess 9 times out of 10 these days.)

And then go back and read some of her archives. Because, seriously, y'all:  FUNNNNNY.

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mandie lane said...

Oh, Monica. I like to think our firstborn boys crossed paths up there, however briefly. "Let's give 'em hell down there, bro!" Ha! Thanks for the shout out, the kind words, and mostly - the prayers.

We truly do have parallel lives going on. The "ships passing" part of your post yesterday is an issue here, too. J comes home, the kids are bonkers, by the time they're all tucked in and out .... it's a few minutes in front of the TV and that's that. Hang on. I think better times will be ahead, there. Most of the parents in my neighborhood are a bit older than we are, with kids in junior high and above, and I see them strolling hand-in-hand after dinner (while, I assume, the kids are inside doing homework or doing WHATEVER it is kids that age do) and I think to myself how wonderful those days will be, too.

And big huge hugs this May. May's hard on me, too. My "turning point" day was the 7th and I hear you on the melancholy feelings. We'll all be together again, one day. xoxo