Friday, June 20, 2008

Business Update

Well, I have two shows under my belt. (whew!) Two down, four to go to meet my New Jeweler Promotion. The remaining shows are all in the next 12 days -- yikes, but yea!

My first home show was a huge success, in no small part due to my wonderful hostess Sara. She obeyed the number one rule of home show parties and over invited, so we ended up with 11 guests, one hostess, five children, one mannequin, and one jeweler (and a partridge in a pear tree!) in a screened-in tent in Sara and Doug's backyard.

My biggest goal...okay, well, TWO goals were accomplished: just get through the presentation to see how it feels to actually fly solo on it, and to ensure that Sara and her friends had a good time -- which, according to the feedback I got, they did. So, success!!! Sales = $387 and still going up ( I have several orders yet to receive).

My second show was an even bigger success in my opinion. I felt a LOT better about the presentation -- I said "um" a WHOLE lot less, and, again, the feedback from the guests was great, so my confidence is pretty bolstered right now. Sales = $295 (not too shabby for 4 guests)

Now....if I could just get some more shows on the calendar for the rest of the summer...

In other news:
  • We had a middle-of-the-night interruption for the first time in a loooong time. It figures -- Nonna and Greg are coming from Florida in a week, so of course, Seth is sick. =( We knew it was coming when Brady got the sniffles. Then Lily. Then Sara and Seth. Poor baby. We heard him start coughing in his sleep -- finally hard enough to wake himself -- around 2:30. Jim was sweet enough to take the first of what we thought would be several (but turned out to be only!) shift, feeding Seth a bottle and rocking him back to sleep. Seth woke up his cheery self this morning, but his typical smile was covered in snot. His cough sounds a little rattly, so if he isn't improving over the weekend, I'll request to move up his well-baby six-month check up from July 1 to early next week. Gotta love these summer colds. Lysol, people. Lysol! (Not you, Sara. You rock, and we so very much appreciate your efforts to keep Seth, Brady and Lillian healthy.)

  • Seth will spend the weekend -- or at least Friday night and some of Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa Gregory so that Jim and I can get some things done at home and enjoy some us time. With my training and shows this week (plus Jim's golf) combined with my shows next week, plus golf and the Soldano/Baptista reunion....we aren't going to see each other basically until the Fourth of July. So, we're hoping to squeeze in a date tonight.

  • Work is....well, work. I've felt like something is off lately, but I haven't been able to put my finger on it just yet. Maybe I'm internalizing the "drama" going on with Jim's work...I dunno. But until we figure it out, we're both just plugging along.
Speaking of...lunch is almost over, so I'll close and get this posted.
  • Oh -- and one more thing. Our dear, dear friends Jerry and Nikki are getting ready to welcome first child, baby Jackson, into the world this weekend. Today was the due date, but as they're guessing Jackson to be on the larger end of the spectrum, they were going to induce Nikki if he'd not made his arrival by today. Please keep the Powers' in your prayers.

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Sara said...

Your first show will be your first $500 show. :) Yay, you!!! I'm working on getting the last of the orders tonight & tomorrow, so we'll be in touch. Thanks again, it was fun! Oh, and there were 6 kids...unless you count Doug, then there were 7. :)