Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you KIDDING me?!


The next hundred people I see in real life better tell me my hair looks TO. DIE. FOR.

Because for $130, it better.

I was so completely unprepared for that total to be read to me. Last time, for cut and highlights: $68. (Still more than I wanted to spend, but it was my first polish in a while, so I thought it was money well spent.) This time, for cut and highlights: $117. Wha....huh?

It's just money, and I didn't argue. I'd already cried twice in front of Whitney at the appointment, and I just wanted to leave (another entry for another day).

All's I'm saying is, thank goodness we only had to pay Sara for 3 days this week.



phasejumper said...

Ok, spill it...why were you crying? That happened to me once. I had gone to a $5 hair color night (I know, I should have known better!) and after my husband told people at church that he didn't like my hair I went back to the same place to get it fixed and it cost over 100 dollars!!! Crazy! Keep the posts coming, Monica (and check mine out at Brittani

Anonymous said...

Where's the pic of your hair--I want to see it!