Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you KIDDING me?!


The next hundred people I see in real life better tell me my hair looks TO. DIE. FOR.

Because for $130, it better.

I was so completely unprepared for that total to be read to me. Last time, for cut and highlights: $68. (Still more than I wanted to spend, but it was my first polish in a while, so I thought it was money well spent.) This time, for cut and highlights: $117. Wha....huh?

It's just money, and I didn't argue. I'd already cried twice in front of Whitney at the appointment, and I just wanted to leave (another entry for another day).

All's I'm saying is, thank goodness we only had to pay Sara for 3 days this week.



phasejumper said...

Ok, spill it...why were you crying? That happened to me once. I had gone to a $5 hair color night (I know, I should have known better!) and after my husband told people at church that he didn't like my hair I went back to the same place to get it fixed and it cost over 100 dollars!!! Crazy! Keep the posts coming, Monica (and check mine out at Brittani

Ashley R Sellers said...

Where's the pic of your hair--I want to see it!