Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm ready, let's GO!!!

Seth is very excited about heading to Swanton for his 6-month photo shoot tomorrow (Mommy is, too!). He's ready to hit the road now!

One of my co-workers always has the most INCREDIBLE photographs of her grandchildren, taken by her daughter-in-law. This stay-at-home mom is uber-talented, and lucky for us consumers, has begun some commercial photography (with great prices, mind you). She and I have been in touch, and I can't wait to have her work her magical shutter on Seth tomorrow.

I was getting excited about getting some outdoor shots -- he hasn't been on the grass yet, and I want to capture what he thinks of that -- but I'm not sure the weather will cooperate. We're pushing the mercury upwards of 90 today, and tomorrow is more of the same with a 30% chance of storms. Boo. We'll just have to see.

On another note -- check out that picture. This was about 3 weeks ago, Jim was getting ready to leave Seth in Gramp-e's hands for a night out, and lo and behold -- flat-footed, upright, and barely holding on. WOW!

He is unpredictably steady -- he stands fine, with something to balance him, but then he remembers, "wait, I know how to bounce!" and then he tries to do THAT, and of course, loses his balance and down on the tush he goes.

Other fairly-recent happenings:
  • Sleeping upwards of 10-12 hours at night! (He has been sleeping through the night for a while, but "night" to Seth was 10 pm to 5 am.) I like this new schedule WAY better.
  • Introduction to some first foods -- mainly banana so far, which he likes, but no one warned me that it stains. We may have a couple dead onesies on our hands. Oh well. More shopping. ;)
  • Extending arms/almost figuring out the "all fours" thing. Once he mastered rolling both directions, he's gone straight to figuring out the wonderful world of crawling. Uh oh. Sara and I are already strategizing for the re-baby proofing of her living room. Seth is almost there, and Brady is "strategically rolling/scooching," so it's only a matter of time....!

Not too much else to is fine, for us both, for the most part. Premier is in limbo, waiting to hold my first shows in the next few weeks. Youth group is not, for us, at least for right now (that's probably a whole 'nother post). Weather...yeah, it's gross. But I'm still glad the pool is gone! =)

Looking forward to a few days off at the end of the month and seeing all of my family in Bellevue for the first (of many, we hope!) Baptista/Soldano reunion.

Until next time....

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