Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seth's BFF


I am SO excited to finally be able to post this picture.

Meet Brady, Seth's BFF (yea, Jackson has some competition). Brady belongs to Heather and Cody, friends of ours from Westgate. Brady is also privileged to be cared for by our sitter, Sara. Brady was born November 24 (or was it 25th?). Anyways, he is only about 3 weeks older than Seth, but given the fact the Cody is built like a linebacker, and that Seth was a preemie peanut, you wouldn't know Brady and Seth are so close in age by looking at them. You can't tell from this picture, but Brady is a chunk-a-hunk next to Seth.

The are so opposite in skill and personality, but it is super adorable to watch them together. You can tell that they miss eachother when Heather's hospital nursing schedule allows her to have a day with Brady and Seth becomes "man of the house." And then when they see eachother again, it's like the sun comes out to shine for the first time.

I just had to share these shots and hope they make you smile as much as they do me. Have you ever seen such cute itty bitty guys?!