Sunday, February 20, 2011

The cat on my mat

“Jim is not a cat person” is a gross understatement.

“Jim would like to run over the stray neighborhood cats with his car” is probably more accurate.

Therefore, you can imagine Jim’s dismay that Seth has formed a healthy attachment – shall we even say deep love? – for an orange tabby that (according to our neighbor Ashley) lives in the viaduct (read, sewer) that empties out at the edge of our property.

(Sadly, we’ve determined that this is not Mandie’s dear Ralph, who detoured to Tennessee via Wisconsin in a futile attempt to find Texas.)

I often find the friendly feline gazing into the kitchen.

stupid cat 001

Sometimes, she gets brave and starts to beg to be let in.

stupid cat 002

But it is only recently, as our weather has taken a much-welcomed turn towards warmth, that Seth has been able to adequately show just how his love for the cat has grown.

Upon spotting Bella, as Seth has insisted she be called, we ventured out for a closer look and a brief conversation.

yea spring 050

According to Seth, Bella has confessed to him that she is searching for her mommy, and she is very sad, and needs to live in our house and eat our baby food until she is reunited with her mother.

yea spring 052

Ahem.  If you say so, buddy.  
 yea spring 055
Ugh.  I know I shouldn’t really let Seth play with this cat – we don’t know anything about it, other than she seems to love people, has a collar (but no tags), and now responds to the name Bella – but he loves her and now asks after her whereabouts each morning.

yea spring 053

So, despite that we aren’t cat people (and, I guess, despite the fact that she may well indeed be a “sewer cat”)….it appears we have a pseudo pet for the time being.

Bella, welcome to the family.

Or at least the backyard.


Jessica said...

those pictures of seth and bella are adorable! in my opinion, outside pets are the best. *ducking and running* :)

Anonymous said...

OK, how do you think Bailey will welcome this new found love of Seth's? She is a pretty cat. If you all are not ready for a dog, what better way to adjust to a pet then Bella? I say go for it. Cat's are self sufficient. Have her checked out at the vet and go from there. Although I do not know about a cat at our house in Florida. 2 grandchildren, Bailey, Tucker, Mika, Calley, Stella, Zoe and Bella and Bella II?

KiraAJ said...

What a wonderful bond Seth has made with this cat :) cats are less time consuming then alot of other pets :) specially outside ones.

VK said...

Adorable! I think pets do wonderful things for kids, even if they do live outside. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah so cute! I have an orange kitty and I believe they are the most loyal cats! Our orange cat loves my 16 month old...well most days he does, haha!

mandie lane said...

Oh, Sethypoo, if I didn't already think you were a great kid, this seals the deal. You and I both know the sewer's no place for a sweet little kitty like Bella. Just keep making those puppy dog eyes at your mama and we'll wear her down. ;)

Sara said...

It looks like she's eating more than field mice. I bet she belongs to someone on the otherside of the viaduct.

You know how I feel about orange tabbies. LOOOOVE them. They are so affectionate. I *heart* Bella.

lalalady said...

Oh my gosh, this is the SWEETEST. I'm so glad I logged in today to read some posts. :) How cute is that? Cats are really sweet. Even though I now like dogs better, cats are really great pets too. I have a feeling if you ever let her in, she's there to stay. ;) xoxoxo D