Monday, April 9, 2012

32w Update


How far along: 32w2d

Total weight gain: only 7 lbs!  I know there is no reason to celebrate that, really, and that weight gain in pregnancy is expected and healthy, but still….having had so much success using Weight Watchers Online last summer, it’s nice to know that I’m not going to have a ridiculous amount of extra work to do this summer to get the baby weight off.

General disposition:  Well, let’s see.  I had a complete and utter meltdown Easter moring when we had 10 minutes until we were supposed to leave, and my hair was wet and I hadn’t found something to wear and Jim and both kids were still in pajamas and Erin had pooped and I hadn’t had a chance to drink my (decaf) coffee and I was snapping at Jim and it just wasn’t pretty at all…. 

Not to mention that I spent my 31st week of pregnancy sicker than I’ve been in a looooong time.   We were never able to find the  source or cause, but for 6 days, I couldn’t keep anything in my system.  It was awful.  Thankfully, I was able to avoid needing a hospital IV, but it was close.  I was never so happy to get my appetite back!

So, in general, I’ve been a little bit cranky.  I’m uncomfortable and tired and eager to meet this little one, and most days, I’m okay (thank you, Prozac!), but some days….I’m not super fun to be around….just keepin’ it real!

Sleep:  I gave in and bought Unisom.  It didn’t work. =(  And made me feel all jittery.  Boo.  So, now I’m just back to not sleeping well at all.  I can’t get comfy, the baby likes to kickbox at night, and I have to pee (or at least my bladder thinks it needs to pee) all. night. long.  So….sleep.  Coming maybe in August?  I’m hopeful. 

Best moment this week:
Not really pregnancy related, but, probably slicing into a wonderfully ripe watermelon (the first of the season for us) and eating pretty much the whole thing in one setting.  (Granted, it was a little watermelon – like, the size of a cantaloupe), but still….so yummy.

Movement:  S/he never stops.  Ever.  EVER.  I literally have bruises from the kicks.   

Labor Signs/Body Changes of Note:  Not really.  I have more contractions with this pregnancy than I remember from the others, but I’m attributing that to not being on bedrest.  I would imagine that still being so active brings on the contractions.  I’m had really bad leg cramps at night, sometimes, so powerful that I wake Jim with my crying (and that is saying something – he is a SOUND sleeper).  My heartburn/indigestion has been pretty intense, and, while this is embarrassing, I’ll document it here – I have had the WORST gas with this pregnancy – like, clear a city block noxious.  I’m beyond ready for that to resolve!

What I miss:  Being able to be more active with Seth and Erin.  Recently, Seth asked me to pull him and Erin in the wagon, and while I knew it was the right answer, telling him that, no, I couldn’t, until the baby came out, was still sad for me.  I also miss sleeping through the night and being able to drink coffee or eat chocolate without wanting to rip out my esophagus, but, I’ll deal. 

What I am looking forward to:
  Um, Jim, this will be news to you, but….we’re having family/maternity pictures done in 2 weeks, and I am SO excited!  Lisa Feather Photography is our photog of choice, and I can’t wait to work with her…  Until then, here are a couple inspiration shots I’m looking forward to imitating:

imageimage image



The Blatchford Family said...

Love that last inspiration photo. That daddy & baby girl are precious!

Can't wait to see your photos!

gottaluvboyz said...

I'm so excited for you, Monica! Eeeekkk...cannot wait to see the pics:)

phasejumper said...

Boo for the sleeplessness, yeah for your pictures! Love your updates!