Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The love of a good man

This is the face I see pop up on my screen every time my cell phone rings.

This is the man who has held my hand through the birth of three, soon to be four, incredible little people – little people who are blessed to carry his name.

Jim - scrubs shot close up 
This is the guy that brought into my life some of the best friends a girl could ask to inherit.

jim doug rick

This is the guy who knows how to have fun with his kids (and other people’s kids, too!).

early sept cont 012
This is the guy who is my partner, in every sense of the word.

early oct 032
This is the guy who still makes my heart skip when he winks at me.

my hottie

Happy birthday, Jim.
You are everything the sappy, cliched Hallmark card
that I didn’t get you says you are.
I hope I’m by your side for every moment
of the next 32 (plus) years.


Mrs. Frogster said...

Aw he sounds fantastic and I am happy that God has blessed you and your family so much!

The Blatchford Family said...

What a sweet post! :)

Unknown said...

Very sweet ! A good reminder to focus on the great qualities.

Marlo said...

Very sweet! I love hearing women brag on their husbands!