Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shaping up

This week has been dichotomous, to say the least.

Monday and Tuesday were rough days for this stay-at-home momma.  While many of my friends were reveling in the fact that they were, for a change, home with their spring break-ing little ones, for me….it was just another start to another week.

Tuesday night found me angrily flipping off the stove dial and walking away from a cooking dinner to sequester myself in my closet.


Nothing profound was bad about the start to the week, despite Seth’s first drawing-on-the-wall-with-markers experience, and Jim being gone from home both Monday and Tuesday nights, and Erin mastering her temper tantrum throwing skills….


I’m pregnant.  VERY pregnant.  And uncomfortable.  And not sleeping well.  And yadda yadda yadda and by 6 pm Tuesday, I’d just had it.

However, miracle of miracles…Wednesday morning came, and although it came in the form of Erin screaming her head off at 5:40 AM, we had a peaceful morning of cartoons and waffles with Rediwhip and sprinkles, followed by grocery shopping, well-behaved and unsupervised (I KNOW!!!) play time in the basement, and then….Erin napped while Seth played across the street at Lucas’ house for 3+ hours, and I baked brownies as a thank you gesture, and the next thing I knew, it was after 4 PM, and that means home stretch til Jim comes home.

Not to mention that Wednesday night, we joined another family for 1/2 price pizza night at a local restaurant followed by ice cream; Thursday will hold storytime and then some mommy-time watching American Idol  with girlfriends (sans my kiddos!); Friday night, Jim scored free tickets to a comedy show, so we get a date night (thank you to my awesome mother-in-law for babysitting!); and then Saturday, we are going out again with two other couples to celebrate Jim’s birthday.  Yipee!!!

So.  What’s the point?

None, really, other than a reminder to me that this sweet life I’m living is ever changing, ever shifting, and as bad as a week can start, it can wrap up pretty darn good. =)

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