Friday, May 4, 2012

36w Update

How far along: 36w1d…Last week, at my MFM ultrasound, Dr. Sunderji officially moved my estimated due date to May 31.  So, now my weeks roll over on Thursday instead of Saturday.  4 days wouldn’t make that big of a difference, you’d think, but it will indeed come into play….

Total weight gain: Um….yeah.  It’s not pretty.  And even though I know it is so much water due to the BP issues and hypertension, man, it’s hard to type 21 lbs.  Ugh.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.

General disposition:  Not too bad, I guess.  I mean, there are a lot of changes coming in the next few days, and there has been a lot to process in the last few, but, I’m good.

Sleep:  I was reunited with the wonder that is Ambien when I was admitted to the hospital this week.  I’m still in love.  And I’m asking Dr. Gibbs for a script tomorrow.

Best moment this week: This is vain…..random people at the hospital telling me how small I am for being 9 months pregnant.  I feel like an elephant, so, yeah, I kind of liked the compliment.

Movement:  S/he never stops.  Ever.  EVER.  I literally have bruises from the kicks.   

Labor Signs/Body Changes of Note:  Sure…..I’ll spare you the details (they’re gross), but yes, there are things a’changin’ with my body.  And, according to the fetal monitors, I’m having some pretty strong contractions (not too comforted by the fact that I can’t feel them).  But none of that really matters because we are having a c-section.  I mean, I guess it’ll matter if my water breaks, but….anyways.  Labor…..I’m glad I don’t have to do it.  It can stay far, far away, as far as I’m concerned.

What I miss:  Being able to move easily.  My body aches.  My hips feel geriatric.  My hemorrhoids are atrocious.  My center of gravity is so off….I’m very ready to get my body back. 

What I am looking forward to:
  Well, I’m still looking forward to maternity pictures.  Yes, the ones we were supposed to have taken 2 weeks ago.  Those didn’t happen.  Not only did the weather turn on us (we were supposed to do an outdoor shoot down by the river, but it was 41 degrees and raining), but I spent the day in a Vicodin haze.  You see, those hemorrhoids I mentioned?  Yeah….we’re talking emergency-room type pain and a visit to a colorectal surgeon and lots of awfulness.  So, no pictures.  BUT.  Wonderful Lisa Feather Photography is still willing to work out a date with us in the next few days, so….keep your fingers crossed that baby holds off just a little longer so I can get at least a couple nice shots of this magnificent belly.


Additional updates:  I alluded in an earlier answer that I was admitted to the hospital earlier this week.  On Monday, my BP readings prompted Dr. Gibbs to admit me for observation, labs, and a 24 hour urine.  By Wednesday, I was stable, but it was obvious that I needed to be on bedrest to maintain that stability.  So, I’ve been allowed to come home, but I’m pretty much on my butt.

We’ve had wonderful friends and family step up the last few days to care for Seth and Erin, and in about 48 hours, my mom will be flying in from Florida to stay for a few weeks.  (YEA!!!!!)  Without revealing too much, because there are still so many details up in the air, I can tell y’all that I have a couple more NSTs, and then an amnio, and we should be meeting our little one soon.  All along, I’ve merely wanted this guy/gal to come after Erin’s birthday and before Duncan’s, and it looks like I will get my wish.  So, this might be my last pregnancy update.  Squeeee!

What’s in a name:  We have not discussed names for this little one until the last few days, and I think both Jim and I are surprised at which have emerged as our front runners.  I’m excited to share them, after we see this little person, and see what fits.

There is one more thing about this week and my visit to the hospital that I want to share, but it’s own-post worthy, so, I’ll close for now.  I can’t wait to see if my next update has baby pictures included!


Mommy of 2 said...
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Mommy of 2 said...

YAY! Love how you're pushing naming the little one to the last minute :)

Kendra said...

SO AMAZING!! Can't wait to see pics, and hear the name.


Mrs. Frogster said...

Well I am glad to hear that things are okay - I have been praying much for you and that little one. POor thing - so ready to get that baby out:) Now I'll be praying that the maternity photo shoot is able to happen successfully and that baby day comes quickly.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

You have been on my mind, so much, dear Mon. Praying!

Denise said...

21 lbs! that is great. seriously. i gained 63lbs with my first. 21. that is nothing.

glad all is going well.