Friday, August 31, 2012

InstaFriday 8.31.12

Introducing James to his great-grandparents instafriday 8.31.12 002

Clean bedrooms!
instafriday 8.31.12 003

First day of preschool…and not a tear from anyone!instafriday 8.31.12 004

More pictures of James in his favorite green onesie.  Or my fav.  Whatever.instafriday 8.31.12 005

Little Miss waiting for Gramp-e at our impromptu Chipotle date.instafriday 8.31.12 006

Oh, my brood.  And Seth’s facial expressions. Oy.instafriday 8.31.12 007

First ride in the new bike trailer.  Awesome $30 garage sale find.instafriday 8.31.12 008

Totally self-gratifying shot of my good hair day.instafriday 8.31.12 009

I’m linking up with Jeannett, finally, for the first time, although I take the pics every week.  Gah.  Welcome, fall, and routines, I’m hoping!


Mrs. Frogster said...

aww love these! I totally do the self-shot when I have a good hair day too!. :)
Can't believe how big James is getting - such a handsome little guy!

Wendy said...

Awesome bike trailor find! Cute pics of your growing kids!

Denise said...

cute hair! totally worthy of being shared.