Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laying low

Seth had it for almost two weeks.

He gave it to Jim, and it showed up full force while we were traveling between Tennessee and Akron.

Erin has started to show signs as of Wednesday.

And my father just called to say he is going home from work with a fever, aches, and prescription meds from his doctor.

I'm feeling okay thus far (although I'm thinking we may have the beginnings of thrush -- no!!), so thankfully, Master James seems to be in the clear, too, but....

We are running on water, freezer pops, and chicken soup around here.  We are also resting up in preparation for a busy weekend.  That said, I'm not holding my breath that our inaugural Gregory family cookout will actually go off as planned on Saturday....

Until then....we're laying low.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Poor E. Hope you don't get it! I think we escaped unscathed!
(and apparently, I am a robot, because I failed the test a time or two)

Lori said...

Ugh. Nothing worse than sick babies...except sick parents too! Praying you are all back to better ASAP and your get-together gets together!