Monday, August 20, 2012

Laying low didn't do me any favors

This post is not to complain.  It is to update and document.

I am SO tired.

I have gotten much too little sleep in the last 2 nights.

It is due, in part, to a little mister who did not enjoy spending his three-month-birthday in his newly finished nursery.  Stinker.

It is due more to a little miss whose "cough from Seth" turned into double pneumonia.

We are living on snuggles and Amoxycillin.  And laundry detergent.

Because when said little miss tosses her cookies, repeatedly, in your bed at 6:30 AM, you very much, and post haste, wash your bedding.

Here's to hoping that a delayed start to her preschool year and a relatively quiet week at home will have us getting a good report on Thursday.

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Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Aw, man...prayers for quick healing and restful nights for all.