Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My girl, my girl, talkin’ bout my girl…

My girl!

I know, quit with the cheesy song-slash-blog titles, already.

erin pre church

More than likely, when I snapped this (or, actually, I think Seth took the original photo, and I edited it), she was eating random Nerds or the like off the floor…

But there is something about the curls, the side bow, the length of her slender legs, her concentration…..I don’t know.

But I love this shot.  Just a quick moment captured, pre-church, waiting for the rest of the family to be ready.

And now, looking more closely…I know what she was doing….  See the dark spot a few inches below her left knee?  It’s a Minnie Mouse stick-on earring.  This was the morning she took the WHOLE SHEET of earrings and adorned her legs, her sandals, her face….I SHOULD have grabbed a picture of THAT! lol

My girl….she is one in a million.

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Mrs. Frogster said...

I love it too! Candid shots are the best, and she looks so sweet (and growing so fast, oh my word!)