Friday, September 14, 2012

InstaFriday 9.14.12

 sept wk 1 2 001
Hello, yumminess that I’d like to have delivered to me on my birthday.

sept wk 1 2 002
Umbrella play

sept wk 1 2 003
Time to camp!

sept wk 1 2 004
Hiding from the crazy drunk ladies at the cantina up the road.  Saying “he doesn’t like the happy hour noise” does not mean, “please, yell ‘oh, you’re just so cute’ in his face even louder.”

sept wk 1 2 005
Lousy angle….but the first attempt at getting all three  car seats in Daddy’s Fusion.  Success!

sept wk 1 2 006 
Late night s’more roasting

sept wk 1 2 007
Somewhere over the rainbow…

sept wk 1 2 008
Fog has finally cleared.  Hello, home.

 sept wk 1 2 009
Love art time with my little lefty.

 sept wk 1 2 010
Hobby Lobby display that made me miss my TN girls.

sept wk 1 2 011
Love his post-nursing glazed over eyes

sept wk 1 2 012 
Early morning cartoon watching with Bean and Bubba

sept wk 1 2 013
Oh, it is 5 o’clock somewhere.  It’s called my living room.  Meltdowns all around.

 sept wk 1 2 014
Worn out.

sept wk 1 2 015
Taking advantage of Mr. Freeze being open only a few more days.  Mmmm…German Chocolate Cake.  LOVE.

 sept wk 1 2 016
Sweet boy.  Night light.  Bailey.  Heaven.

 sept wk 1 2 017
Prayed over sweetness on its way to Dallas.

 sept wk 1 2 018
Gorgeous day to watch somebody else mow the yard.

sept wk 1 2 019
Yum.  Stuffed peppers.  So pretty.  So good.

 sept wk 1 2 020
Sous chef.

 sept wk 1 2 021
Somebody was way too excited to be up for school so early.

 sept wk 1 2 022
Dad wondered why I was pulling the dead stems out of his day lily plants…

sept wk 1 2 023 
I think it looks pretty darn good…

sept wk 1 2 024
Sweet boy.  Before we knew he was super sick.

sept wk 1 2 025
Laundry.  Always laundry.

 sept wk 1 2 026
$5 beanbag.  Brand new.  Score!  James’ first Christmas present.

 sept wk 1 2 027

sept wk 1 2 028 
Sweet boy, after we knew he was sick.

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Tiffany said...

Awwww (: I love all of the pics. And I love seeing them all again, bigger than my phone screen. (: The fall decor looks SO good!

Kristin (kekis) said...

They are all getting so big!!! And I LOVE the box of sweetness you sent and so does Kate. You are a love. xoxox

Denise said...

i gave up my hobby lobby virginity on saturday. it was awesome!

my josie wants a bean bag for Christmas. where did you find it?

my babies always looked hung-over after nursing. cute.

5:00 p.m. was always the worst. let me encourage you... some day at 5:00 they'll all be making you dinner, and cleaning it up, and you'll sit and marvel at how far they've come. :-)