Thursday, September 6, 2012

Erin’s big girl room

Ah, a bittersweet post to write, indeed.
How I have a little girl who is big enough to be getting a big girl room (and even more, a big girl BED!) is beyond me.  That said, the room came together exactly how I had envisioned.
The paint color is Valspar’s Well Water:
 Color match of Valspar 5005-8A Well Water* 
The paint color was easy to settle on, once I decided on the bedding, which was the Madison Damask from Kohl’s.
Madison Damask - The bedding I FINALLY settled on for Erin
That picture of the bedding doesn’t really do it justice, because it makes the green look olive-ish, and it’s definitely more leaf-ish.  It’s brighter, and really pretty, and the perfect shade to coordinate with her existing curtains, and of course, her Small Words art.
I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures.  It was near impossible to get great shots with just the one window and still using a simple point-and-shoot.  But I think you’ll get the idea.
house 148
So, here we go with the details…
Above her bed, wall shelves that I’ve had for a decade, with photos and mementos that are special.  Her birth announcement, You are Loved print, first trip to the beach photo, a special letter from Aunt Joyce from before she was even born, and one of her one-year portraits.
house 119 
The metal wall flowers were actually from the garden center at Hobby Lobby at the season end of 2009.
house 123
Lamp from Target, embellished by me with clearance scrapbooking ribbon; musical bank from GiGi, Christmas 2010.
house 127
A basket, graduated from her changing table, holds her nebulizor and Abuterol right at hand in the nightstand.
house 139
The perfect spot for her trifecta of monthly shots, which I’m super proud of because I just eye-balled the frames’ hooks, and all three were level.  YES!
house 129
My DIY valance.  Looks as good with Well Water as it did with Picnic.  Score!
house 131 
What is it about a gallery wall that takes so many tries to get it “just right”?  Before we painted, I had it arranged one way, and I should have taken a picture, because it was great.  And after….yeah.  I couldn’t remember, so this is what I came up with.
house 140
The oval stained glass mirror hung in my childhood home for as long as I can remember.  I love that it is in Erin’s room now.  Of course, her Small Words canvas played a big role in the direction of the room.  The sampler was made by my grandma, as were all her brothers’, and contains all her birth stats. Her one year picture, I’m sure, is going to be hung somewhere in my home for as long as I live.  I just love it.
house 133
The “E” is easily one of my favorite DIY projects ever (and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’m blogging about it!).  When Tiffany and I went antiquing for my birthday last year, I found both an “E” and an “S” for $4, and we swung into the Franklin, TN, Goodwill to pick up the frame for an additional $2.  I painted the frame the same color as her birdcage, and backed the frame with the same fabric as her valance, and voila!  A super fun monogram!
house 135
Lastly, I hung a pencil drawing of San Fransisco that I purchased the summer I lived in California.  (On a side note, I have a complementary drawing in bolder blues and reds that we are currently custom framing for James’ room.  Yea!)
house 141 
Just inside the door is her bookcase, made by Jim’s Uncle Fred.  Baskets hold Pull-Ups, diapers, and shoes.  While all the kids’ toys, for the most part, are in the basement, the top shelves hold a few of her favorite books, her memento box, her letters from Aunt Joyce, and her bow birdcage.
house 142
house 143
Above the bookshelf is her “e” from Anthropologie (a souvenir from our Vegas trip), teeny birdcages, and a votive holder turned hair rubber band receptacle. =)

house 144house 165
Some final details include the sign from my baby shower fastened to her footboard; Bentley’s perch; rainboots (from Kohl’s) being borrowed for use as a doorstop; and a pine footstool (IKEA) to help the little miss get into bed at night.

house 146house 150 house 157  house 162 
And finally, some fun details about the dresser and nightstand came out after the room was finished.  I had always thought the furniture was some nondescript set (there is another chest piece that is in the kitchen for extra servingware storage), but it turns out, this suite belonged to my great grandmother, and has been used by many members of my dad’s family.
Most days, it isn’t this clean, with little girl leggings and bows and Pull-Ups tossed on top, but on a good day, it’s just some yellow roses, the must-have CD player, a photo of Erin meeting James in the hospital, and my the lamp from my childhood desk.
house 138house 166
And an extra little touch to freshen it up – we painted the hardware a glossy white.  Such a small change, but it made a huge difference.
 house 168
So, there you have it.  My baby girl’s not-so-baby-anymore room!
house 159
(Again, I apologize for the photo quality…. y’all will have to just come visit so  you can see for yourself how pretty Erin’s room is.  With her getting a queen bed instead of the smaller IKEA one we were eyeballing, this is now our official guest room, too.  Erin can easily move to Seth’s extra bunk, so….come on!  You’re always welcome!)


Tiffany said...

It's perfect, just like she is. Nice pics! Love the angles.

Kendra said...

OHMYWORD! SUCH a cute room Monica!! I'm 31 and I want to have that room!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful and bright. Love it!

Denise said...

oh! it is darling. VERY BRIGHT and SO CHEERY!

i have a room redo in the works. hopefully it will be a christmas surprise.