Thursday, February 25, 2010

That’s some eyebrow

If you recall, I have a love/hate relationship with window valances, thanks to a seed planted by my girlfriend (and interior decorator) Daina that valances, to her, look like window eyebrows.

Well…..eyebrow or not, I’m pretty thrilled with (a) how BG’s window treatment turned out, and (b) that I did it all by myself.  (And Nester!  It’s a mistreatment, even!  No sewing machine involved at all!)

In just a few simple steps, I went from a concept to a finished product, with not a whole lot of money, and only a little bit of time and effort.

This wrinkled fabric scrap:

mix butterfly

And this photo for inspiration:

valance idea

Became this length of yumminess:

valance complete - overview

That looks like this, all hung up:

valance complete - cropped

I have been stalling on posting these pictures because I can’t get the lighting in the room quite right, and because I’m really looking forward to doing a major reveal post once the room is all pulled together.

But since you all we so instrumental in helping me pick the fabric and offering your opinions on the valance patterns, I felt I owed it to you to share the finished product.

The whole thing was done with just a yard each of the facing and backing fabrics and a roll of iron-on hem tape.  I stitched (by hand, just enough to hold) the five scraps of gingham fabric at intervals to make ties, installed draw pulls (yes!  draw pulls!) right into the wall above the curtain rod, and tied the valance up – easy as 1, 2, 3!  I need to play with the swags a little bit more; I’m not 100% satisfied with it.

valance - under detail

But overall?  I couldn’t be happier.  Here is the total cost breakdown:

Full length, room darkening drapery panels: $10 x 2 from Dollar General Market = $20
Curtain rod: already installed = $0
1 yd. each, butterfly and polka dot fabric; Hob Lob 30% off = $7
Iron-on hem tape = $3
Metal draw pulls; Hob Lob 50% off $4 x 5 = $10
Grand Total for practical, beautiful, custom window treatments: $40

Considering that your most basic, one color, cotton panel and valance from, say, Target, would run you $25….I’m pretty darn proud of myself for turning out something I love with just a little more money, a can-do attitude to tackle a new endeavor, and a couple hours of sweat equity.  Go, me!

So, what do you think? =)


Brooke said...

Love it! I'm glad you are using room darkening panels. I was a little worried, and we've recently learned how important those things are!

crystal theresa said...

that looks great!

Tricia said...

That's so fun! Great job!

Stacy D said...


Sara said...


Melody said...

So cute! Good job : )

Cindi said...

Love it!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Wow! That is super cute!! I'm very impressed. :) (And a bit jealous - my poor daughter STILL has plain, green, wrinkled curtains in her room!)

Valerie said...

I know who I'm contacting the next time I need valances...

They're beautiful!

Jennifer said...

What a great job!!!! It looks amazing. I absolutely love the pink/green combo... I can't wait to see the entire room! :)

Jenn said...

love, Love, LOVE IT!

nursegirl said...

I love it! Want to make some for me??? :)

Kimberly said...

Great Job Mon! They turned out great!

Kim said...

AHHH! I love it! Girl, I can't wait to see this room! You're killing me!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

absolutely love the cheerful! Well done Nester.

Marlo said...

Good job Monica!!! You may just be inspiring me to finally finish Eloise's room. (And she's 6 mos. old! Gah!)