Monday, February 8, 2010

Curtain call

Several days after I posted about my fabric options for BG’s room, I scored BIG TIME in a surprising spot: Dollar General Market.

I knew that no matter what fabric I decided on for curtains, I’d have to line the fabric with room-darkening material if I had any hopes of successful afternoon naps with BG.  I hadn’t done any research on the cost of this material, though I’m sure it’s very reasonable; so when I found already-made, full-length, room-darkening drapery panels in the perfect shade of dark pink for only $10 at the Dollar General store, I snatched them up.

Originally, my plan was to send these panels to my grandma, with the appropriate lengths of whichever fabric we picked, and just have her combine the two.  But once I hung the panels up in the room, I was so happy with the way they looked, I started to waver on my vision for window treatments.

For the last few days, I’ve been working my way through thousands of gallery photos at HGTV’s Rate My Space site, looking for inspiration for window valances.  See, I’m weird about valances.  I’ve never used them, and ever since my girlfriend Daina told me she thinks they look like eyebrows, I’ve passed them over as a suitable window dressing.  But in the case of BG’s solo window, I think we may actually need a valance…..

So, these are the two options I’ve come across so far:

valance idea

valance idea 2

I love both of them, and I’ve decided that the two fabrics I’d pair are the pink gingham with the leaves:

mix butterfly

The problem I have now is that I have no pattern to work from for either of these valances, and I’m definitely not equipped as a seamstress to go off nothing more than an inspiration picture.

So my questions to you today, dear reader, are these:

1.  Which valance pattern do you prefer?

2.  What is the best way to go about recreating the valance when I don’t have a pattern?


Updated:  I did some digging, and found that the pattern for the first valance is from Pate Meadows.  I’m pretty sure that it is the Cuff Top valance, and while I’ll admit I’m NOT willing to pay $30 for a pattern……I’m thinking that I can make this work free-hand.  This chart tells me how much fabric I’ll need, just not quite how to make it all come together.  Hmmm……good thing I’ve got time on my hands to tackle this challenge.


Mrs. Frogster said...

I love the first one - it looks a little more modern than the second.

Not sure how you go about reproducing a valance pattern though, sorry! hope some seamstresses have some good tips for you. ;)

Kristin (kekis) said...

I'm a fan of the first for a couple of reasons. #1 - I just like it better. In fact, I LOVE it! #2 - Although I don't (can't) sew more than a straight line, I think making #1 would be easier. The 2nd valance appears to have pleating for the complimentary fabric, and who wants to sew pleats?

phasejumper said...

Congrats on the awesome bargain! Sorry, I can't help you with the sewing question-I have my mom do all my machine sewing! (If only she would sew on my son's Awana patches, too!)

Anonymous said...

I def like the 1st better! The 2nd makes me think it belongs in a kitchen...???
As for the pattern issue... Let me do a little thinking... I think I can help! ~Ashley

Mama said...

I love the first one!!

Anonymous said...

Monica, I am so glad you found the actual pattern... Here is a guide from the same website I sent you before that will give you a simple guide for making this type of valance...~Ashley

Stacy D said...

The fabric is AWESOME!!!

I love the first valance pattern.

I have no idea how to sew, so I can't help with your second question :)

Jenn said...

LOVE the 1st one! Like most of these people ... can't help you on the sewing stuff either. Have fun decorating!

Kendra said...

Hmmmm...I love them both!! I think I am leaning towards #1 though...

Kelly said...

I like #1 best!
I have no idea how to make it though...good luck!

nursegirl said...

I love number one!

Ellie said...

I like the first one! How are you feeling? Are the contractions easing up?

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OK- I definitely vote for the first one. I bet you can find a curtain person to do them that already has the pattern. My curtain lady just told me where to look from the patterns that she already has (I think it might have even been Pate Meadows)so I wouldn't have to buy one.
I think your "eyebrows" are going to look lovely either way!!

Anonymous said...

This pattern doesn't have the cuff top, but I don't think it would be that difficult to add (and this pattern is a lot cheaper :)

Valerie said...

I love the 1st one too - including the fabric. I think it will be beautiful with the fabric you've chosen.

I can't help you with the sewing though. The sewing machine Joel bought me 2 Christmases ago is still in its box.