Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wish List Wednesday


If you’re here from Hillary’s Friday Favorites, welcome! =)

I’m cheating a little this week, since I just  did this Wish List Wednesday post last week.  (Ahem.  Hil?  Pray tell, where did you get the idea for your blog carnival, anyway? ;p  Hmm?)  So, as to not bore my regular readers with a redundant post, here are the wonderful things that are on my “favorites” list this week, even if I don’t actually HAVE any of them.  Yet.


Let’s deviate from Wordless Wednesday, shall we, so I can share with you all the yummy things I’ve recently decided I need would love to have, should an extra $500 gift card show up in my mailbox.

  • The soundtrack to the movie Valentine’s DayJim and I saw this movie over the weekend, and it was such a great experience.  Good cast, good story, good music.  I’ve checked out the soundtrack, and I can just see me playing it to Baby Girl as we hang out in her nursery (which is really coming along, by the way).

    vday st
  • Lisa’s new pewter heart.  Sigh.  Love.

    ll pewter heart pic
  • This painting of Kim’s:
    kim's caroline paintingOf course, not this exact painting, as I don’t plan to name the baby Caroline. But something like this.  I think this is my favorite font that Kim uses, and I really like the layering on this canvas.  So, yes.  Wish list and all that.  (Hey, Jim, how cute would it look if it said Reese?  How about Tessa Reese?)
  • We have inherited my great-grandmother’s buffet/sideboard, and it’s now at home on the back wall of our dining room.  I have a vision of how I want to accessorize it, and I think I’ve found the perfect lamp to go on each end:

    pier one paiden lamp
    The shade is very similar to the shades on our chandelier, and I love the shape and color of the base.  These lamps are currently on sale at Pier One, and I’m just trying to justify the cost. Oh, and I suppose I should ask Jim if he likes them…
  • Because I’m just so ready for spring:

    pc yankee
    I have never, ever justified the cost of Yankee Candles.  Not when WalMart sells equally yummy-smelling ones for a meager $5.  But.  I burnt a Yankee Candle’s Mistletoe all through December, and now I’m hooked.  I LOVED the way the whole house would fill with the aroma, and I’m ready to have that house-filling delightfulness again, with a springy twist.

So, there’s just a little peek into what I’ve been lusting over the past few days.  But until my AmEx gift card shows up, I’ll satisfy myself with the more readily-available treat of Zantac and TUMS.  This late-pregnancy heartburn is kicking. my. butt.


Sara said...

Love it! My wish list is a little more expensive than your's though. LOL I love the name canvas, btw. It would look great with the walls!

Cindi said...

Fun list!

I love Lisa's jewelry!! I have 2 of her necklaces, and they are the ONLY ones I ever wear.

And the Pier One lamp? Got it for my mama! I loved, it, too. But she needed it. :-)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I can wish right along with you!
I am excited to see the VD movie- maybe on Friday with girls? And I'm LOVING Lisa's new pewter things. SO precious.
And the lamps look great! You would love those. I have a Pier 1 across the street and can't venture over there too terribly often- because everything is just what I need!
So glad you are still preggers and hope the heartburn goes away soon with good meds!

Valerie said...

The name canvas is beautiful! We got one to match Tessa's Amy Butler bedding. I'll have to take a picture of it to show you!

Angela said...

I am *so* with you on the Yankee Candles! I absolutely love my Mistletoe candle at Christmastime, and it was worth the cost. (Even on sale and with a coupon, it was still costly!)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I just needed something that started with F so I could do it on Friday! 'Cause I love me some alliteration. :)
I was Hillary Hart, after all.
And I still love your list! Esp the LL pewter! YAY!
And I saw VD and it was SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I have a Wanty list a mile long that includes new furniture, a Coach handbag and about a years worth of sleep.

I was super nosy and clicked on your hubby's blog link and realized from his profile - WE'RE NEIGHBORS!! (Almost) We're out in Hudson Oaks, just west of Fort Worth, members of St. Andrew Parish. Whoot! I love it when the world gets smaller!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

My actual name is Charlyn, but people always pronounced it in many variations, usually ending up with a last stab attempt at Caroline--- and it drove me nuts. Especially since that was the name of the little girl from Poltergiest. {{shiver}} I'm a chicken and I still get scared about that movie. Haven't seen it since I was a kid.
I'm going to be coming back for more reading soon! Lovin' your blog!

Shelly Wildman said...

Love the Lisa Leonard stuff, even though I've never bought any.

And that lamp? Get it. Get it now. Very cute.