Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 year portraits

I’ve been ridiculously lax in the photography department, well, for Seth’s whole life, pretty much.  Kind of like keeping a baby book, or faithful scrapbooking, regular photo sessions just seemed to be one of the things I’m just doomed to failed at.

Thankfully, each February, we have reason to travel to Ohio, and my mother-in-law steps in, and we get professional portraits of Seth taken.  Whew!

While I can admit that it’s hard for this momma to let go of “creative control,” I think the pictures turned out cute!



It was actually really emotional for me to receive the CD with these pictures in the mail from my mother-in-law.  It’s been 8 days since I’ve seen my little man, and I just can’t get over how not-a-baby he looks in these pictures.  In the first one, especially, he doesn’t even appear “toddlerish” to me – he looks like a little boy.  How?  How did this happen?

I know this is only a taste of what is to come.  I’m sure the first picture we’ll take of him and his baby sister will blow me away even moreso than these portraits.   Seth’ll look like a giant in comparison to her.  But I guess that is just how life ebbs and flows, huh?


Valerie said...

He is such a doll! Tessa turned 22 months old on Thursday, and I just sat and wondered how that happened. ;)

Hope he's home soon with lots of kisses for mommy!

Mom said...

If you only knew what I had to go thru to get the pictures we did. He didn't want anything to do with it. She wanted to do so many other things with him, but it wasn't gonna happen. We will see you Thursday for sure. Love ya.

Kelly said...

He's does look like a little boy instead of a toddler now! So handsome!

mandie lane said...

SUCH a handsome little man! Awww!

And yes. Wait until baby girl is home. Suddenly Anderson looks middle aged. :(

Sara said...

Super cute! I saw the battle scars on Linda. She wasn't kidding. LOL

crystal theresa said...

your big boy is adorable :)

Cindi said...

It is sad, I personally think, when they begin to lose that "baby look." Just today a friend of mine remarked that Ahna was "slimming down" and losing her baby-fat look. :-( :-(.

Kendra said...

WOW he does look like a little boy!!

And an adorable one at that =)

Angela said...

So bittersweet!!

When I had Benjamin, Andrew was 25 months old and still in diapers. For like a week or so, I only changed itty-bitty newborn diapers, as I was recovering from my C-section and couldn't really hoist Andrew up to the changing table, even though at two, he was relatively light (about 25 pounds). I will never forget the first time I changed his diaper after having Benjamin. He seemed HUUUGE! His huge legs and bottom and his huge (size 4, lol) DIAPER!