Friday, September 28, 2012

InstaFriday 9.27.12

sept wk 3 4 023Such a beautiful night

sept wk 3 4 001Loving the happiness these cut hydrangeas bring to my kitchen

sept wk 3 4 002 My weirdo daughter who now eats most foods typewriter style.  Exhibit A: banana

sept wk 3 4 003
In honor of my Tennesseean gals….orange toes for game day

sept wk 3 4 004
Prettied up for Emma Janes’s baby shower

sept wk 3 4 005It’s a corny $15 velcro-to-the-doorframe screen, but it makes my life breezier and happier
  sept wk 3 4 006 Missing my Tiffany girl

sept wk 3 4 007Using up tomato bounty in leftovers for lunch

sept wk 3 4 008My new phone wallpaper.  Perfection.

sept wk 3 4 009 The way Jim unloads the groceries into the freezer.  Sigh.

sept wk 3 4 010 
Reality most days.

sept wk 3 4 011Chasing the sunset on a rough night.

sept wk 3 4 012 Head, shoulder, knees, AND toes?!  No way!!!

sept wk 3 4 013 ‘bout to get my Salted Caramel Mocha on.  Makes early morning steering team meetings easier

sept wk 3 4 014Nap time fun, apparently.
 sept wk 3 4 015She was dialing in a Steelers win.  She dialed the wrong number.
 sept wk 3 4 016Oh, sweetheart.  Love him to pieces.
 sept wk 3 4 017 Even on birthday date night, I’m still just a taxi-driving mom with a sunglass headband

sept wk 3 4 018It only took 9 months,but I finally moved my plates
into the cabinet where I always look for them.  I can breathe easier now.
 sept wk 3 4 019First back-in-Ohio praise team rehearsal. Like riding a bike.
 sept wk 3 4 020Little Miss Woke-Up-Too-Early gave it up at 9 am.  Ah, peace.
 sept wk 3 4 021Poor little man.  Ear infection to start,
and then waiting 1.5 hours for the doctor is just insult to injury.

sept wk 3 4 022
Hey.  The sound of the hairdryer calms him down.  Don’t judge. 


Kendra said...

Several things:

- I NEVER judge a momma calming down a her baby by any means necessary!

- LOVE the picture of your three together, all looking at the camera, the older two smiling - MIRACLE to be able to catch!

- I rock the sunglasses headband often too!

- And lastly, if that picture of a portion of your fork is accurate, we have the same cutlery. And that makes me smile.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Glad we could help you add a little corny to your home! And it is genius, isn't it?

Denise said...

the hairdryer pick= AWESOME!