Tuesday, September 4, 2007

10 hours, 3 rolls of tape, one tired mommy

"Labor Day" took on a whole new meaning for us this year. =)

After about 10 hours, a LOT of blue tape, and some sore muscles, Sprout's nursery is that much closer to being DONE!

We've chosen Behr's Ocean Tropic (bottom) and Enchanting (top) with 1" and 2" white stripes in between. I am now a HUGE fan of acrylic gel medium, the wonder product that gave me the razor-sharp lines that eluded me in the in dining and living rooms last year. Spread a little of the white gel (it dries clear) over the seam of the tape, and voila! Up it comes with no spots, no drips -- leaving only beautiful, white lines. Now, onto setting up the crib and sewing the curtains!


Anonymous said...

That looks great, Monica! We just painted the boys' room & I wish I would have known about the wonder product! I have issues with lines as well! :) Good work!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess it doesn't say much for my handyman skills, but I didn't know about that stuff either.
But in the future...
Yeah, it does look great. You know I love those cool, clean colors (and consonance.)
Did you actually do any of the painting (could be a long reach from your bedroom--ha!) or did Jim do it?
Either way, kudos to you both. (And if my Mom reads this...) I love people who are bold enough to put COLOR down on the walls! Can't wait to have my own place to paint.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have read your blog about painting stripes using acrylic gel medium. Do you mean to say that you put it on the side of the tape that is going to receive a new paint color? How does it not keep the new color from the wall? Sorry-it should be simple but I can't sort this out.

Thank you for your time!