Friday, September 28, 2007

Sprout says, "Thanks, Nana K, for my loot!"

Well, now all three sets of grandparents have started showering our little one with love and loot. These adorable sleepers arrived yesterday from Florida. I especially like the turtle one in the top left -- it's one of those open-bottomed sleepers, which I'm sure will come in handy for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. He also received his first CD (Baby Einstein, of course, to make him even more brilliant), so we'll need to start looking for a small CD player/radio to keep in his room...maybe I'll run off and go add that to his registry. ;) He is starting to have a definite "play time" during the day, even in the womb. He was SO wound up yesterday! Poor Ramona (my dental hygienist)! Even she could see my belly bouncing, and kept pausing during my cleaning to ask, "Um, are you sure you're okay? He's really happy this afternoon!" Maybe we're growing a dentist! Who knows!

In other news, this mommy has been down for the count for about a week and a half now. What I thought was a cold a couple weeks ago just wouldn't go away, so at the firm prompting of those near and dear, I called the dr. Imagine my dismay and disappointment when Dr. Gibbs' office said pneumonia!!! Thankfully, after a visit to my primary care physician, I received a diagnosis of "just bronchitis." Dr. Fisher is a little concerned that the pain in my back (piercing when I cough or sneeze) may be more than a muscle strain, and is keeping an eye on me to make sure that I haven't developed a clot near my lungs. (Would that just be fitting?)

Next week holds 3 appts: follow up on my renal u/s on Tuesday afternoon; fetal u/s and cervical measurement on Wednesday morning; and my gestational diabetes test on Friday morning. Fun, fun!
Not too many plans for this coming weekend. Jim and I will be holed up at Westgate for a Leadership Summit both Friday night and Saturday morning, and a birthday brunch with the family will round things out on Sunday. I'm looking forward to one last weekend of relative quiet. Somehow, Jim and I have managed to fill up every weekend between now and the first weekend in December: dinner with friends, alumni reunions, Jr High fall retreat, one more trip to Jerry and Nikki's for the "big game" (Bengals v Steelers, and annual tradition), my shower, the BIG big game (OSU v MI), Thanksgiving.....and to think, somewhere in there, I'm most likely gonna have a baby. Yikes!! I'd like to get through our childbirth classes (they end the Monday after Thanksgiving), but we'll see. =)
I'm hoping Jim and I can get the curtain rods hung in the nursery this weekend. I'm dying to get pictures up of the curtains Grandma Soldano made for Sprout. They are PERFECT! They're hanging in the closet door right now, and I'd photograph that, but it doesn't do it justice, so we wait.
So, until tomorrow..... =)

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